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HOA Collections

 June, 15, 2021

  HOA Boards are constantly trying to figure out how to collect delinquent HOA dues. They're so tired of attorneys taking their money and not getting any results. What is it they say about doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result? [...]

Is Credit Reporting HOA Dues Legal?

 Oct, 18, 2014

  The short answer is — "Yes".     Fortunately, the long answer is also — "Yes".  We get this question regularly.  In fact, apparently we get it because some people serving the Community Association industry actually infer it might not be legal to credit report HOA dues.  Why?  Why would anyone mislead on this subject?  While [...]

Preventing Delinquent HOA Dues

 Jul, 21, 2014

  We have a prevailing misconception among many in the Community Association arena that befuddles me.  It became glaring in a recent social media discussion forum.  And it sums up what I'm sorry to say seems to be a majority opinion, certainly as it relates to what many a professional expressed across several social media [...]

Credit Reporting Collects HOA Dues

 Aug, 27, 2014

  Credit reporting collects HOA dues better than liens and foreclosures combined.  I just finished a call with an association's Treasurer whose Board is using our services for the fourth time.  I jokingly asked him if it was because he wanted to get reacquainted with his neighbors again.  He affably replied, "You know, my neighbors [...]

POA Collections

 Jul, 25, 2014

  "I thought there was no way credit reporting would ever work.  I remember thinking this was such a waste of time – boy was I ever wrong!"  Those words rolled off the lips of a comptroller for a very large Property Owner's Association in Michigan some time ago.  At the time she had become [...]

Nevada HOA Collections – One HOA's Success Story

 Jul, 07, 2014

  Nevada HOA collections are a rare exercise in the bizarre.  Rarely do you see so many state departments intently focused on turning the tide of current HOA collection agency practices as you do in Nevada.  And God bless them for doing so. More state officials should have the strength of character and integrity to [...]

'Overboard' to Collect HOA Dues

 Jul, 28, 2014

  An amazing story hit the airwaves today.  It's about an HOA board so frustrated with non-paying members of their association, that they had parking boots put on the cars of residents they thought had delinquent dues.  Even renters within the association were 'booted', though they have no responsibility to pay assessments.  I can hear [...]

NC HOA Collections

 Jun, 14, 2014

  North Carolina HOA collections took a huge turn for the better, thanks to a silent hero you likely would never have known about. This man acted against the advice of two attorneys, and fought an onslaught of opposition from four management firms, over nine months, until he finally took matters into his own capable [...]


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