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We work with all types of municipal debt recovery. Ambulatory and EMS billings, utility bills, court fines, tax liens, code enforcement, traffic violations, even library fines. Our system ensures a uniform process for every citizen, no matter what kind of obligation is owed.

And citizens always pay the department they owe directly. This eliminates friction caused by a third-party agency demanding to be paid instead.

Our state-of-the-art skip tracing allows us to locate citizens who have moved; even when no social security number, forwarding address, or phone number is provided. This has resulted in up to a 3,700% increase in debt recovery for some of our municipal clients.

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Gain live access to complete reporting; from a macro level, down to exact details of individual accounts. Administration can run excel revenue reports en mass or by category, including: partial payments, full payments, arrangements made, and write-offs. Complete or select-parameter reports can be run: by department, time frame, account status, disposition, or of a cross-section.

You staff has online access to see what letters we’ve sent and when, and when phone calls are made. You can even see our internal notes from phone conversations with your constituents. All available in our crystal clear online system.

It’s complete transparency and accountability, with unparalleled tracking and revenue reporting.

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We act as an extension of your staff, counseling with your citizens to help them make payment or arrangements. And we always instruct them to pay the department they owe directly.

Our counselors are salaried employees. This eliminates stress associated with contingency (commission-based) agencies — stress which is often translated to your citizens. We also allow any payment plans you want for your community.

Having your constituents pay the department they owe directly, and allowing payment plans, nearly eliminates complaints from collections.

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· Recover More Municipal Revenue · Without Upsetting Citizens · Ensure Compliance · Gain Complete Transparency and Reporting ·

Government Collection Agency Endorsed by the FAC, NYSAC, VACo, and UACs

In partnership with the County Associations of Florida, New York, Virginia, and Utah, along with the NACO, we’re recovering between two to thirty-seven times more than their government agencies were receiving before. Our Government Debt Recovery Program is helping cities, counties, and municipalities collect their Emergency Aid, Utility, Court Compliance, Code Enforcement, and Tax debts. All with our upsetting their constituency.

When we work with your citizens we take special steps to give our service a ‘local feel’. For instance, we can assign specific counselors who work exclusively with your constituents who call in. All our phone calls to your community reflect a local area code on your citizens‘ Caller ID. Our letters give your address for mailing in payments. And our counselors are available until 9:00pm (your local time) Monday through Saturday, in order to answer your constituents’ questions and to help them arrange payment.

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Our harmonious collection process complies with all HIPAA, FDCPA, FCRA, and CFPB rules, regulations, statutes, and laws. We operate in all 50 states.

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