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Is Your Medical Billing Cycle An Infinite Loop?

 Jul, 11, 2014

  Have you ever had a situation where verbalizing something out loud makes the absurdity of it apparent?  One of those epiphany moments recently occurred after a several second attempt to explain the process of a particular hospital's medical billing cycle.  A flow chart describing the sequence would have looked like a busted football play.  [...]

Restorative Recoveries

 Jul, 21, 2014

  What are 'Restorative Recoveries', and why are they important to you?  Restorative Recoveries are a revenue cycle advancement based on two simple principles, and they're producing much fruit.  Simply put, it's treating hospitals with the transparency they wish to receive, and taking care of your patients like they're your hospital's most precious asset – [...]

Too Big to Succeed?

 Jul, 25, 2014

  "I don't want to have to deal with patients!  If that's what I have to do to get more revenue in, I don't want it.  At that point all I want is for the collection company to send me the money!"  These were the words spoken by a business office manager from a large [...]

Healing Hospital Collections

 Jul, 25, 2014

  The heart of healthcare should be applied throughout a patient's experience with a hospital – including their trip through the revenue cycle.  Maintaining compassion, care, and respect even while dealing with patient balance collections has a positive effect on patient relations and revenue recovery.  Let's look at a few simple principles you can apply [...]

Eliminating Alienation in Medical Collections

 Jul, 28, 2014

  To this day I remember leaning on the hospital's bullet proof glass, pounding my fist on the half shelf protruding out from the cubbyhole, and demanding "You will take this check!"  "You will pull that account back, you will take this check, and you will cash it!"  Don't you wish all your patients wanted [...]

Medical Collection Agencies Prohibit Reporting

 Jul, 28, 2014

  There's a reason why they keep scores and statistics in sports.  How can you gauge improvement when you don't know the details?  Performance always seems good when there's no method to measure it.  Therein lies the problem most hospitals face when it comes to gauging performance on patient payer collections.  Now think about this: [...]

Improving Rural Hospital Payments — Skip Tracing

 Jun, 21, 2014

  We'll be looking at aspects of improving rural hospital payments from patient collections, both technical and non-technical, in a series of articles. Today, we'll look at one technology that solves a plaguing problem: finding patients after services have been performed.  We'll look at what this simple process called 'skip tracing' is, how it's properly [...]

Rural Hospital Increases Revenue

 May, 31, 2014

  With the advent of the Affordable Care Act, many rural hospitals are feeling financial pressures far more acutely. Some are battling for their lives. Or more accurately, for their community's lives.  In an April 28th interview, Kay Floyd of Monroe County Hospital in Georgia shared a sense of foreboding among rural hospitals, "There's four [...]


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