(800) 441 - 6005


(800) 441 - 6005


Live Online Reporting

Effortless web-based portal enables you to supervise every action taken with each account you entrust to us — all in real time.

30 Years Experience

That's why Government agencies, Hospitals, Universities, and Associations trust us with the people who trust them.

A National Firm

As one of only a few national firms, we have the capacity to recover accounts anywhere — even outside the United States.

Recover More Medical Collections Revenue — Without Upsetting Patients

  Our Service utilizes state-of-the-art skip tracing to ensure we have patients’ most accurate contact information. We then communicate with patients in a manner which brings any unresolved billing questions to the surface, and motivates them to make arrangements to pay you.

  Our process flows patients' human nature in your favor, by having them pay you directly. This removes any third party friction, increases your collections success rate — and enhances patient relations. You also set any payment plan guidelines. In addition, we discover missed insurance claims early on; while there's still time for you to recover those reimbursements.  Click here to print our color brochure for more details.

  You pay a small flat fee of a few dollars per billing code submitted. Your staff has access to see when payments were made, and billing codes submitted, while answering patient questions. Administrators can pull progress reports, and see internal notes from our phone conversations with patients. Our Harmonious Medical Collections process increases net medical collections revenue — without upsetting patients.  Request our 'Healthcare Welcoming Package' for complete information using the form above, or by emailing us at service@ncspinc.com.