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Harmonious Medical Collections

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A Harmonious Process ›

Our process works in harmony with patients’ human nature. Patients are far more likely to pay you when a few simple enhancements are introduced to collections:

1. Patients should always pay your hospital directly.

2. Allow payment plans. We follow any payment plan guidelines you set, because you know your community best.

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Double Net Collections Revenue ›

Simple principles have the greatest impact. You can integrate a few simple process enhancements that will rapidly improve your medical debt collection process – enhancements that patients respond to.

When you apply these elements with all patients and service all balances uniformly, in combination with lower collection costs, you'll double your hospital’s net collections revenue.

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Enhance Patient Relations ›

A more harmonious approach heals public relations issues caused by harsh collection methods.

Working as an extension of your staff, counseling your patients, and having arrangements available is more effective; especially when patients pay your hospital directly, and are allowed to have payment plans. As one critical access hospital's CEO said, “You’ve single-handedly improved our public relations.”

Use A More Harmonious Approach  ·  Double Your Net Collections Revenue  ·  And Enhance Patient Relations

We Operate as an Extension of Your Staff · And Patients Pay You Directly

You have two options when working with our harmonious process. Patients can call our counselors (who work as an extension of your staff) when working out arrangements or getting answers to questions. Or you can have members of your staff receive calls from patients. Whichever is best for you.

If you prefer to have patients work with your staff, we provide your staff full access to our internal corporate system to see current status, payment histories, and any notes from our staff regarding their conversations with patients.

We're a National firm with over 35 years experience, so when we receive your patients' calls, special steps are taken to give our service that ‘local feel’. For instance, we can assign specific counselors who work exclusively with your patients who call in. All our phone calls to patients reflect a local area code on your patients’ Caller ID. Our letters give your address for patients to mail-in their payments. And our counselors are available until 9:00pm (your local time) weekdays and until 3:00pm (local time) on Saturdays in order to answer your patients‘ questions and to help them arrange payment.

Call us at (800) 441 - 6005 x3 for a brief conversation about how Harmonious Medical Collections can help your hospital. Our harmonious collection process complies with all HIPAA, FDCPA, FCRA, and CFPB rules, regulations, statutes, and laws. We operate in all 50 states.

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