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Discover Revenue Cycle Glitches ›

Every hospital’s revenue cycle has glitches that only detailed reporting brings to light. Clear reporting shows you why insurance claims are getting missed; as well as other easily remedied lapses, which are unnecessarily causing accounts to go into collections.

Our HARCN application tracks vital analytics so you can quickly and easily spot revenue cycle anomalies to correct; reducing revenue loss and collections volume.

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Double Net Collections Revenue ›

Simple principles have the greatest impact. You can integrate three simple process enhancements which will rapidly improve your medical debt collection process – enhancements which patients respond to.

When you apply these elements with all patients and service all balances uniformly, in combination with lower collection costs, you will double your hospital’s net collections revenue.

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Enhance Patient Relations ›

A more harmonious approach heals public relations issues caused by traditional collection methods.

Working as an extension of your staff and counseling with patients to make arrangements is more effective; especially when patients pay your hospital directly, are allowed to have payment plans, and have one balance to manage. As one critical access hospital's CEO said, “You’ve single-handedly improved our public relations.”

Double Collections Revenue · Discover Revenue Cycle Glitches · And Enhance Patient Relations

Simplify Medicare Bad Debt Reimbursements

HARCN provides crystal clear reporting that helps you generate your Medicare bad debt reports more smoothly, accurately, and in about half the time. This proprietary application also helps reduce collection costs, simplifies patients' ability to manage their debt repayment, tracks down process issues and bottlenecks in your revenue cycle, and provides detailed analytics to help you better manage and minimize your volume of collection accounts.

You'll receive reporting that pinpoints areas for process improvement, such as: correlations among missed insurance claims that surface during collections, factors that are hampering reimbursements, and even departments or shifts where lapses are needlessly causing accounts to go into collections.

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Our harmonious collection process complies with all HIPAA, FDCPA, FCRA, and CFPB rules, regulations, statutes, and laws. We operate in all 50 states.

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