Maintain Valuable Relationships

while resolving delinquent accounts

A 21st Century Solution For Accounts Receivable

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A Just Process

Unlike traditional collection agencies, we work with each of your accounts in a uniform and just process. And we always instruct your clients to pay you directly.

Our more modern approach softens your client’s resistance toward getting current, and maintains harmony in your valuable relationships.

We motivate your clients to restore communication with you and to pay their overdue balances.

Learn more about our harmonious process.

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A National Firm

As one of only a few national firms, we have the capacity to recover accounts anywhere — even outside the United States.

30 Years Experience. That’s why Hospitals, Universities, Community Associations, and Government agencies, trust us with the people who trust them.

Live Online Reporting. Effortless web-based portal enables you to supervise every action we take with each account you entrust to us — all in real time.

National Collections Agency

A Simple Philosophy

We believe that charging a small flat fee and working on every account fully and equally is simply more fruitful — and we have the data to prove it.

We believe that providing clients transparent and clear reporting is merely giving them what they deserve.

We believe giving complete accountability while providing solid revenue reporting is a standard which raises the bar of professionalism. So that’s what we do.

Our Harmonious Approach Reduces Alienation  ·  Services All Accounts Uniformly  ·  And Recovers More of Your Revenue

Ask Us About Our Guaranteed Results

NCSPlus is one of the only known national collection agencies that guarantees its results in writing. Contact us for complete details, at: (800) 441-6005

Our process utilizes skip tracing, a series of phone calls and letters, an attorney written demand, and the incentive of credit reporting to motivate debtors to make arrangements to pay you directly. And if you wish, we’ll report accounts who don’t pay you to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion at no additional charge. Our job is simply to locate and motivate debtors to pay you, in order to avoid the personal consequence of being reported to all three national credit bureaus.

NCSPlus has been performing these services for over 30 years. Our simple system provides you 24-hour access to your own online portal to monitor our results, or to print up-to-date progress reports. You can even have access to our internal notes from phone conversations with your debtors.

NCSPlus Incorporated is a national collection agency, and operates in all 50 states. NCSPlus acts in the capacity of a ‘dunning service’ or ‘dunning collection agency’. Our harmonious collection process complies with all FDCPA, FCRA, and CFPB rules and regulations, as well as all State and Federal laws and statutes.

Harmonious Collections — NCSPlus Incorporated